My first post is going to be a repost of the email I sent out a couple weeks ago.  Currently, the big two questions Mark and I hear are:

1. How do I get an iPad?

Go to the EdTech Teach site and submit a request.  You will be added to the list and Mark and I will contact you when it arrives to schedule your initial bootcamp.

2. How do you project your iPad display in the classroom so you are free to walk around?

You need a program called Reflector installed on the computer that is connected to your projector.

If you have a computer connected to a projector and an iPad you can submit a work order to requesting "Reflector" to be installed.  (Instructions for placing and order can be found here.  The big mistake people make is forgetting to click the IT tab at the top after you log in.)

Note: You are requesting the district help desk to install it, not Mark and I.  We are more than willing to help you use it but we cannot perform the install and network changes needed beforehand.

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