Chances are one of the big buzzwords you have heard over and over this year is Edmodo.  You may have attended the Edmodo Symposium last fall, maybe you have heard students or teachers talk about using it or maybe you have taken the plunge and are an Edmodo user.

At some point we all encounter problems or issues when we are learning to use a new technology.  In the case of Edmodo it is typically related to learning the icons, the layout of pages, and the vocabulary that Edmodo uses for certain tasks.  If you are new to Edmodo this can be challenging and if you are learning Edmodo while trying to using it with a class it can be frustrating.  Mark and I receive a lot of Edmodo related questions from staff.  Enlisting the help of Joel Rubio, Keely Hafer and other Edmodo savvy teachers we have answered a lot of questions and navigated some interesting challenges.

I want to share some resources for support during your Edmodo learning process:
  1. Mark Celestin's Guide to Edmodo - Mark has crafted a setup guide for, "how to Edmodo."  Mark takes you through the process of using Edmodo as a teacher, and has included screenshots to illustrate the journey.
  2. The Edmodo Help Center - Edmodo has their own website for answering Edmodo questions.  The most common problems are listed along with a solution.  You can also look at common problems for specific users, such as Teacher, Parent or Student.  This is a great resource to share with parents or students who are having a problem.
  3. Find an Edmodo Buddy!!! - There are a lot of teachers using Edmodo at Los Al.  Find someone who is using Edmodo and collaborate.  I know my experience with Edmodo is different from another teacher's experience, so if I have a question I usually ask Mark, Joel or Keely.  Rarely have we encountered a problem that one of us had not already experienced or know something about.
  4. Email Mark or Myself or Post a Request on the EEATT Site - Mark and I are here to help.  So please email us questions.  Edmodo is a great tool and we want to help you use it effectively and effeciently.  We have already provided several Edmodo review sessions, if you would like to participate in one let us know!!!  Let us help you reach our goal of Education Easily Advance Through Technology.

My first post is going to be a repost of the email I sent out a couple weeks ago.  Currently, the big two questions Mark and I hear are:

1. How do I get an iPad?

Go to the EdTech Teach site and submit a request.  You will be added to the list and Mark and I will contact you when it arrives to schedule your initial bootcamp.

2. How do you project your iPad display in the classroom so you are free to walk around?

You need a program called Reflector installed on the computer that is connected to your projector.

If you have a computer connected to a projector and an iPad you can submit a work order to myschoolbuilding.com requesting "Reflector" to be installed.  (Instructions for placing and order can be found here.  The big mistake people make is forgetting to click the IT tab at the top after you log in.)

Note: You are requesting the district help desk to install it, not Mark and I.  We are more than willing to help you use it but we cannot perform the install and network changes needed beforehand.